Here’s How We Work

“Much of the messy advertising you see today is the product of committees. Committees can criticize advertisements, but they should never be allowed to create them.”
— David Ogilvy

Working Arrangements

Unless otherwise stipulated, every assignment is considered to comprise two equal parts:

  1. Product specifics, market objectives, budgets, schedules and approvals are the responsibility of the Client.
  2. Conceptual approaches, creativity, project management, and production expertise are the responsibility of Catch Light Productions.


Throughout the course of any project we try to utilize digital communications as much as possible — whether via email or collaboration software. This allows us to maintain an accurate record of the entire process for accountability as well as future reference. We find it most productive to reserve face-to-face meetings or phone calls exclusively for critical decision-making discussions.

Change of Scope

Things change during the course of almost any project, which often leads to scope creep. When this happens, we will discuss the new requirements and its potential impact on the project. If necessary, we will create an addendum to the main project agreement before proceeding.

Review our complete Terms & Conditions.

Getting To Work

Whether you require a custom quote or select one of our packaged services, we utilize a simple Q & A to gather all the information necessary to establish the situation, needs, goals, possible approaches, time frame and budget.

The Critical Path

  1. Two initial concepts are presented for your review. These concepts will depict two contrasting approaches to your problem at hand.
  2. We consult with you to discuss which direction we should take, or if there is a need for a third approach.
  3. A single new or revised design is submitted for your review. Based on your previous input, this approach should be right on target.
  4. Together, we determine how effectively the approach meets the defined goals and we make note of any final revisions that may be required.
  5. We make the agreed upon revisions and present the revised design for your review.
  6. You proof the job for accuracy and make note of any required corrections.
  7. We make the requested revisions and present the final proof for your review and approval.
  8. You proof the job for accuracy and give us your final approval.
  9. We check the job for technical quality and apply any last minute tweaks before sending it into production.
  10. Your campaign goes public and you start raking in the customers.

And there you have it — a perfectly executed marketing project!

But, we’re more realistic than that. We know lots of things happen between point A and point B. The truth is, every situation is unique. But, having a good set of standard procedures will always help save time and money, and ultimately contribute to the effectiveness of your cumulative marketing efforts — even if things do seem to get a little off-track now and then.

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